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Geʿez språkkurs – Nivå II

Overview This course covers basic grammar in Geʿez language such as verb conjugation [ዐቢይ ርባታ ከነጓዙ ከነ አበጋዙ] and various ranges of adjectives. In addition, it explores different reading techniques employed in the tradition of Geʿez language learning. Moreover, the

Geʿez, språkkurs – Nivå I

Overview This course offers a general introduction to the history of the Geʿez language, and its role in the Orthodox Tewahedo Tradition. It also discusses the “ten basics” of Geʿez (አስሩ መራሕያን) and their function to determine the forms of


Overview The church is not merely an idea but, rather, a common life which requires order. This course will introduce participants to the organizational structures of the church. In addition to an introduction to church (canon) law, participants learn skills

Georgisk-ortodox kyrkomusik

Overview This course in Georgian Orthodox Church Music will provide participants with an introduction to this rich and vibrant musical tradition. The course will focus on developing the fundamental skills necessary to perform Georgian Orthodox Church Music, including sight-reading, vocal

Ledarskapsutveckling för kyrkan i samhället (På Georgiska)

Overview The Orthodox Church in the Western context relies upon community initiative and lay participation for its sustenance and development. This course aims to equip members of the church community to engage in leadership and development both within the church

Serbisk-ortodox kyrkomusik

Overview The course is designed to offer a gradual path from studying notation to singing hymns from the service books. Participants will learn how to read western staff notation, use their voice, read biblical passages in the context of the

Samtal om vår tro i modern tid (på Serbiska)

Overview Living in the modern and fast-changing world, people are turning to the Church in search for alternative solutions to find stability and hope. Many of the converts entering the Church, along with those who have been participating in parish

Biblisk och liturgisk grekiska (Koine)

Overview Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures by engaging with the Greek language of the Bible? Are you also interested in reading and understanding some of the Church’s most important prayers in their original Greek

Samtal om Bibeln (på Serbiska)

Overview The biblical text is one of the world’s oldest expressions of faith and one of the foundations of Christian theology, as well as being a cultural treasure. However, precisely because it is an ancient text, it is often difficult

Biblisk exegetik (Serbisk-ortodox), 2023-2024

Requirements: Participants are expected to engage in all course activities. That means being present and active in scheduled classes and completing assigned tasks outside of classes. If participants miss lessons, they may be required to do extra assignments to fulfill