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Etikett: Huddinge

Allmän kurs - Grund (100%)

This is a study program for those who have not completed a foundation level education (equivalent to the level of education which Swedish students receive at school between the ages of 7-16).  Students study subjects such as Mathematics and Swedish

Allmän kurs – Grund profil östkyrkliga studier

This is a program for those who want to learn more about Orthodox Church tradition and at the same time become qualified to begin studies on the Allmän kurs at advanced level or begin vocational education at Komvux. Students study

Allmän Kurs - Personlig Assistent profil

A program for those who want to prepare themselves for employment as a personal assistant while studying on the Allmän kurs. Participants also study human rights with a special focus on the rights of those with additional needs. Please note:

Allmän kurs - Högskoleförberedande (100%)

A program for those who want to prepare for studies at a university or at a vocational higher education college. We focus on social studies and religious studies with a special focus on human rights. You will also gain in-depth