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Programs & Courses

Below you will find a wide range of subjects sorted by areas of interest.

Allmän kurs

If you need to qualify for an education or university studies, and you want to do this in a milieu that recognizes the whole human person as well as individual progress – then Allmän kurs will be an alternative for you.

Church Music

Music plays a significant role in the Orthodox churches. Different traditions have emerged and at our place we can offer an introduction to some of this traditions.


Languge is an important part for accessing a society as well as access culture, liturgy and theology in a deeper way. Below you can find introductions to several church languishes as well as courses in English.

Theology & Church History

Thinking about the Church is in one way to fuel the process of getting to know it better. Below you will find courses designed for different communities with the aim of Introducing the richness of theology and church history in their particular tradition.

Liturgy & Spirituality

The experience of being a Christian relates to the stories of the tradition, the encounter with the liturgy and the community but alos the encounter with the society in all of its different aspects. The courses below is taking hold of this and designed to either help out with handling these aspects or articulate the specifics in the liturgical experience.

Explore by church tradition

Below you can find course sorting under different orthodox traditions.

Explore academic courses and program

Below you kan find our academic courses and program offered by a collaboration with University College Stockholm.