Byzantine Orthodox Seminary

The Byzantine seminary projects offer students a thorough and critical understanding of different Orthodox traditions – Greek and Slavic – based on rigorous academic study and training in pastoral methodology including how to communicate the gospel (preaching and teaching), how to care for members of the community (pastoral care) and how to celebrate the liturgy. We also offer students training in the more aesthetic aspects of the Byzantine Orthodox tradition – in the music of the liturgy and in icon painting. The seminary building is located in a beautiful house in Södertälje, Stockholm. Here, students live together and share their everyday life, discuss their faith and pray together. A seminary chaplain regularly visits the students, providing leadership in the boarding house and supporting the students’ spiritual formation.

Life at the Seminary Boarding House

Students share common meals and common prayers in the morning and in the evening. There are also services of prayer for those who remain in the seminary during the day. After breakfast and morning prayer, they walk into the capmus building in the centre of Södertälje  for their daily studies.

The community meets regularly to discuss different subjects concerning the life of the seminary house, and contributions, suggestions and ideas from the students are very welcome. The chaplain is  available to assist students and give whatever help and support that he can.

We believe that by the grace of God we have created a supportive, secure and spiritual community, where people are valued and care for each other, and where they can follow freely the call of Christ to serve in His Church.


The address of the seminary is:
Byggmästaregatan 6
152 41 Södertälje