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About us

Who We Are

We are an Inter-Orthodox Theological Institution, facilitating education, greater cooperation and understanding between the Oriental Orthodox Churches and The Byzantine Ortodox Church under the vision: Learning the Art of Being Many.

With this common vision we recognize that plurality changes perceptions, fostering communities and stimulate dialogues.

Changing Perceptions

We strive to be an innovative place where students and scholars with different traditions and worldviews gain new knowledge, develop new thoughts, and build new relationships.


We have chosen the city of Södertälje as our home because of its character and the presence here of a variety of Orthodox Christian communities. Södertälje is a city of 100 000 citizens of approximately 80 nationalities, located 45 minutes south of Stockholm. The society of this city is built on both national and religious pluralism.

Södertälje is the home of the largest Syriac Orthodox communities in Sweden, as well as of other Orthodox Christian jurisdictions such as the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Antiochian Greek Orthodox Church.

Being Many

We are an educational institution that builds on difference and plurality.

Fostering Communities

We practice a holistic approach to learning for a life-changing education.

Stimulating Dialogues

We strive to educate leaders able to develop democratic structures, be able to design a culture of participation as well as working for the common good of society.

Learning the Art of Being Many

We recognize the challenges that come with plurality. We also recognize that this art is not something we can ever master completely. But we have charged ourselves with learning the art of being many, as we believe this is the only way to meet the needs of the future.


You can see our organisation here.  

Action Plan

You can read our action plan here. 

Student Council

Every student at Sankt Ignatios is a member of the Student Union. Each year the members of the union elect a Student Council. 

Members of the Student Council: 

Alan Shiyar Nediyamattathil Thankachan – Chairman 
Denys Bakirov – Vice Chairman 
Kenneth Rothman – Secretary 
Besil Baby – Board Member