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Policies and Regulations

Programs and courses organized by Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola:


On campus students are expected to attend classes every day of the school year in case of full-time studies unless prevented from doing so by illness or the need to stay home to care for younger children. In either of these cases it is important that you inform the school by contacting your teachers and course manager directly.

Distance students are expected to participate in online discussions and complete assignments on time.

If a student is absent for more than 20% of the course/program (s)he will not receive a grade/certificate for the course/program.

Leave of absence

If a student has special reasons other than those listed above, limited leave of absence can be granted as follows:

Leave of up to half a day can be granted by the teacher.
Leave of up to two days can be granted by the course manager.
Leave of up to five days can be granted by the Deputy Dean of folkhögskola, Fr. Serafim Smensgård

More than five days can only be authorised by the Dean of Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola, Dr. Michael Hjälm.

Absence Without Permission

Attendance is recorded every day. If you are absent from classes without good reason (as above) you will be given a warning. If the attendance continues to be missed after a warning is given you will not be allowed to continue as a student

Programs and courses organized by Stockholm School of Theology:

Attendance, Requirements and Leave of absence

Our policy is that students should attend all scheduled teaching times.
For lectures, with the permission of the teacher, a student may be absent for a maximum of 20% of the total lecture hours. If absence is greater than this a student maybe asked to leave the course.

All absences must be notified to the teacher beforehand. If proposed attendance is for half a day or less the student should seek the permission of the course teacher. If the proposed absence is for between half a day and two and a half days he or he should seek the permission of the course director. Longer absences must be approved by the Dean the Department of Eastern Christian Studies at Stockholm School of Theology
Distance Courses: Students on distance courses must complete at least 80 % of the assignments on canvas/moodle and on-site meetings.

Submission of work

We expect written work to be submitted on time. Details of deadline dates will be listed on canvas/moodle or communicated to the students by the teacher. Work that is late cannot be awarded a grade. Where students anticipate a problem in submitting their work on time they must inform the teacher beforehand.


All work submitted must be the student’s own original work. All work submitted via Canvas is checked digitally. Students who have copied articles or papers by others and submitted it as their own work maybe asked to leave the course.

Recording of lectures

In general with the agreement of teachers, recording of lectures is allowed for the student’s own use. Because of copyright restrictions such recording may not be made widely available e.g. on you tube or similar platforms. In certain instances, teachers may prohibit recording.

Equality and Respect

The College is an equal opportunities institution and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age or disability. Any discrimination by students or staff against other students or staff on these grounds will not be tolerated. We believe that education is best conducted in a safe and accepting atmosphere and we encourage mutual respect in all our seminaries and teaching areas.

Students at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm)

Those students who are studying at Stockholm School of Theology are bound by their policies and regulations. You can read those by clicking this link (in Swedish)