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& Seminaries

Sankt Ignatios College has two educational models in practice. One relates to academic studies and the other to Folkhögskole studies. Within the latter we have three departments: 

The Department of Syriac Christian Studies 
The Department of Tewahedo Christian Studies
The Department of Byzantine and Coptic Studies

Every department have a team of teachers and a Team Coordinator running the courses in the specific Church tradition and in a collegial manner. Connected to the departments but fully autonomous are the Seminaries. 

We have today these seminaries: 

The Syriac Orthodox Seminary
The Eritrean Orthodox Seminary
The Ethiopian Orthodox Seminary 
The Georgian Orthodox Seminary
The Serbian Orthodox Seminary 

During their studies our vocational students are attached to one of our seminaries. Each of these seminaries takes responsibility for their students’ programs of study, pastoral and formational needs, and is headed by its own rector who is appointed by the dean, and who is responsible for the relationship with that Church’s bishop and church relations.

If the department is focused on the development of meaning from knowledge, the seminaries provide students with pastoral formation. 

Together the department and the seminaries become communities of learning and living where students find a home and a family.