Policies and Regulations

There are some policies and regulations that you need to know about.


Students are expected to attend classes every day of the school year unless prevented from doing so by illness or the need to stay home to care for younger children. In either of these cases it is important that you inform the school either by registering the absence in Schoolsoft or by contacting your teachers directly.

Leave of absence

If a student has special reasons other than those listed above, limited leave of absence can be granted as follows:
Leave of up to five days can be granted by Deputy Dean Serafim Smensgård. 

More than five days can only be authorised by the Dean of Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola, Dr. Michael Hjälm.

Absence Without Permission

Attendance is recorded every day. If you are absent from classes without good reason (as above) you will be given a warning. If the attendance continues to be missed after a warning is given you will not be allowed to continue as a student.