Welcome to Sankt Ignatios General Education

On the General Education Program at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola you can take courses in English, Swedish, history, mathematics, science and religion. You can learn to drive and get fit! Most importantly you can gain confidence and skills that will enable you to find a job or to go on to further education. We welcome students of all nationalities and backgrounds to study with us.

The Swedish Folkhögskola education is flexible and student-centered

The literal translation of the Swedish word “Folkhögskola” into English is “People’s University” and that sums up what the Folkhögskola is all about – an educational institution that provides a wide range of educational opportunities to people of all backgrounds, whatever their previous educational experience.
The General Education Program at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola offers students the education that Swedish young people usually gain between the School years 6-9 (ages 12-15) and at Gymnasium (ages 15-18).


Here you can find out something about the teachers who will guide your progress through the General Education Program. Each one of our teachers brings to the school a unique blend
of education, life-experience and personality and, most importantly, a deep commitment to the educational goals of the school and to the well-being of our students.

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Admission & Finance

The Admission Process

You can apply by form online or by visiting the school in person. You can find the address under the Location section.  After applying to the General Education Program you will be called for an interview where we will assess which level of study is most appropriate for you.

Contact us if you have questions regarding the admissions process.

Once we have received your application you should hear from us within a week. If you don’t hear anything in that time please contact us. You will be invited for an interview and an aptitude test at the school. We will get in touch with you within a few days of the interview.

Application Requirements

There are no formal requirements for entry to the Pre-Gymnasium Level Program (SeQf level 2) but each student will be assessed to determine their educational level. This assessment will help us to shape their individual learning plan. Because the courses in the program are taught in Swedish, applicants whose first language is not Swedish should have completed SFI level D. Applicants will be called to a placement test and interview to assess their language level in relation to the demands of the course.
The requirement for entry to the Gymnasium Level Program (SeQf level 4) is completion of the Pre-Gymnasium Level Program or equivalent.


Tuition at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola is free for everyone who is a citizen of Sweden or who has a residence permit for Sweden. However, we do charge a service fee for studies at the General Education Program at the Folkhögskola

Service Fees

Students are required to lay a service fee which covers insurance, administration, refreshments and some materials used by students in connection with their studies.

Programs and courses at campus

Full-time: SEK 1200 per term
Part-time: SEK 600 per term

Student Aid

Depending on the student’s previous educational experience and residency status it may be possible to receive financial support from the Swedish Board for Student Finance (CSN) to help with daily living costs. Check here to see if you are eligible to apply.
You can read more about CSN here in English
or here in Swedish

Visit us

You are very welcome to visit the school and meet the staff and students or even sit in on a lesson or two. If you would like to do that please contact Deputy Chancellor Daniel Öhrvall.