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Parish Priest Training Program in the Tewahedo Tradition (part time)


This program provides the environment, structure and guidance necessary for the intellectual and personal formation for servant priests who wish to serve the Orthodox Tewahdo Church in parish ministry. This two-year course is taught in Tigrinya or Amharic and does not require proficiency in Swedish or English. However, participants study this course in combination with the general education program where Swedish and English will be used.

The program includes advanced Ge’ez and Zema (liturgy and hymns) which will enable candidates to lead sacramental and liturgical services. In addition to this, the candidates are expected to complete nine theological training modules over the course of two years: Dogmatic Theology, Church History I, Bible Study, Patrology, Church History II, Canon Law and Church Administration, Ecclesiology, Liturgy and Homiletics.

After completing this program, candidates should be able to celebrate the sacramental services of the church in accordance with the Tewahedo tradition, as well as understand and follow the church’s administrative procedures in order to lead a parish according to the canons of the church. In addition, participants will get the opportunity to develop ministerial skills working together with their fellow participants under the guidance of qualified instructors.

In order to enroll in the parish priest program, participants must have successfully completed the deaconal training program in the Tewahedo tradition or equivalent liturgical studies.

This online option is for those who are interested in the priest program but are unable to participate on campus. Participants can study online, on a part-time basis with the approval and guidance of the rector of the seminary.



For explanation of the modules within the vocational training programs in the Tewahedo tradition see MODULES

Ansökningsformulär på:


Längd: 2-3 years

Studietakt: Deltid (50%)

Studietider: Dagtid
Undervisningstyp: Distans (online)
Undervisningsspråk: Tigrinska, amharinska & ge'ez
Arrangör: Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola

Förutom de krav som finns i kursbeskrivningen så förutsätts att den sökande är minst 18 år, är officiellt registrerad i Sverige och har fullgoda kunskaper i utbildningens språk.

Avgifter: Studier vid Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola är avgiftsfria för studenter som är folkbokförda i Sverige.

Serviceavgift vid Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola: 

Studenter måste betala en serviceavgift. Distanskurser (50%): 400 kr per kurs/termin