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Hugh Doyle

Hugh Doyle

On leave of absence until February 2024

Hugh Doyle gained in 1982 a first class honours degree in Psychology at St Andrews University and the Psychology Prize as the outstanding student of his year. He followed this with three years of research into memory systems in the human brain using Event Related Potentials. For this he was awarded an MSc degree for this work.

During his studies under the head of department Professor Malcom Jeeves, then one of the leading thinkers in the field of the relation between faith and neuroscience, he thought deeply about the interaction between Psychology (especially neuro-science) and religion/faith. He followed psychology studies by an MA, training for the ministry at Regents Park College, Oxford. During his subsequent time serving in three pastoral situations in the United Kingdom he continued to study and think analytically about the role of human psychology in faith development, the forms of worship which appeal to different ‘types’ and the psychological opportunities and dangers associated with the pastoral calling. 

Huge Doyle teaches English and courses to students following the pastoral-pedagogical program in comparative religion and biblical texts.

He now work as Lead Pastor in the International Fellowship in Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm.


Lecturer, Practical Theology with Religious Behavioral Science; Communications Secretary




MA thesis is available här