fader Serafim Smensgård

fader Serafim Smensgård

Fr. Serafim Smensgård is the Director of Quality and Pedagogics for the Department of Eastern Christian studies and Sankt Ignatios College, and is dean of students for the programs Icons: art and theology, and Introduction to Eastern Orthodox Theology. Fr. Serafim is also deputy rector for the Byzantine seminary under Fr. Jean Mansour. At Sankt Ignatios College he teaches pastoral theology pedagogics, homiletics and rhetoric. Fr. Serafim has studied Post-colonial literature and modern languages, as well as Eastern Christian Studies. Aside from being a teacher he serves as a parish priest in the eastern Orthodox Church. His main creative interests are medium format photography, painting and portraiture. When it comes to education and teaching, he believes that relationships and humor are key in creating and sustaining positive learning environments.


Verksamhetsutvecklare; biträdande föreståndare för det bysantinsk-ortodoxa seminariet; folkhögskolelärare