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Östkyrkan i dess Texter

For many people, the dogmas, beliefs, and practices of the Church come ready-packaged, but they often lack a contextual understanding of how these dogmas, beliefs and practices developed. This course takes a holistic approach by introducing the historical circumstances, protagonists, emerging beliefs, and ideas involved in shaping the Eastern Christian tradition. The main course literature, written by Sankt Ignatios faculty member Cyril Hovorun, is designed to invite participants to actively explore the primary source texts that contributed to the articulation and development of Eastern Christianity. Thus, the course encourages participants to enter and engage the very dialogues, controversies and circumstances that culminated in the articulation of Eastern Christian tradition. The course literature also provides a thorough overview of the historical period that both shaped the Church and divided it, helping participants to acquire a deeper understanding of both past and present.           

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Contributed to the selection of content and learning activities employed in the course
  • Developed a willingness to be challenged by new perspectives and experiences, with a view to continual formation, personal growth, and integration of new knowledge
  • Developed respect for the diversity of opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of fellow participants, and of historical protagonists
  • Regularly engage in self-reflection and introspection based on insights and the collective experience of discussing source texts.
  • Actively contributed to building an open an inclusive learning environment, through positive relationships, effective communication, and collaboration
  • Seek feedback from other participants to gain new perspectives on their own actions and beliefs



Hovorun, Cyril. 2022. Östkyrkan i dess Texter. T&T Clark.

Wilken, Robert L. 2013. The First Thousand Years. Yale University Press.

Readings from the Orthodox Synaxarion.



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Längd: One year (Two semesters)

Studietakt: Deltid (50 %)

Undervisningstyp: Distans (online)
Undervisningsspråk: Svenska och engelska

Nivå: Seminarienivå

Arrangör: Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola

Förutom de krav som finns i kursbeskrivningen så förutsätts att den sökande är minst 18 år, är officiellt registrerad i Sverige och har fullgoda kunskaper i utbildningens språk.

Avgifter: Studier vid Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola är avgiftsfria för studenter som är folkbokförda i Sverige.

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