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Biblical and Liturgical Greek (Koine): 2023-2024

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures by engaging with the Greek language of the Bible? Are you also interested in reading and understanding some of the Church’s most important prayers in their original Greek form? Then this course is for you.

In an environment grounded in collaboration, sharing of learning, and reflection you will be introduced to the basics of biblical and liturgical Greek. You will learn to read biblical and liturgical texts with the ecclesiastical pronunciation used in the Orthodox Church today. You will receive an orientation in basic Greek grammar in order to be able to understand simpler sentences from the Bible and the prayers of the Church. The course consists of both lessons with a fixed structure and freer sessions which offer plenty of opportunities for the participants to influence the content. The course is suitable for beginners in Greek as well as those who may have studied New Testament Greek before and want to refresh their knowledge while gaining insight into Greek as a living liturgical language.

Smith, R. H. & Fullmer, P. (2004)  Read Greek by Friday: A Beginning Grammar and Exercises  Wipf & Stock

Smith, R. H. & Fullmer, P. (2005) Read Greek by Friday: The Gospel of John and 1 John with aids for translating  Wipf & Stock

Trenchard W. C. (2008). A Concise Dictionary of New Testament Greek. Cambridge University Press. (Or an equivalent dictionary.)

Utvalda liturgiska texter samt annat material som tillhandahålls av lärare.

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Längd: 1 år

Studietakt: Deltid (50 %)

Studietider: Kvällar
Undervisningstyp: Distans (online)
Undervisningsspråk: English or Swedish (depending on the make-up of the group)

Nivå: Seminarienivå

Arrangör: Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola

Förutom de krav som finns i kursbeskrivningen så förutsätts att den sökande är minst 18 år, är officiellt registrerad i Sverige och har fullgoda kunskaper i utbildningens språk.

Avgifter: Studier vid Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola är avgiftsfria för studenter som är folkbokförda i Sverige.

Avgifter på Sankt Ignatios folkhögskola
Studenter måste betala en serviceavgift. Serviceavgiften för detta program är 400 SEK per termin.