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Dr. Abate Gobena

fader Abate Gobena

Very Reverend Dr. Abate Gobena teaches Patristics and Eastern Christian Theology (Tewahedo) at the Tewahdo seminary. He qualified with a PhD from University College Stockholm (Enskilda Högskolan Stockhom). His dissertation is called “Sanctity and Environment in Ethiopian Hagiography: The Case of Gedle Gebre Menfes Qiddus” and handles eco-theology from the perspective of the Ethiopian Tewahedo tradition. He has also a  BTh. from Holy Trinity Theology College in Addis Ababa where he has also taught.

His research interests are in Eco-theology, Church History, Patristics, and Hagiography. Fr Abate lives in London in the UK and serves as parish priest at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church there.

Fader Abate har en kandidatexamen i Agro-Engineering and Mechanization vid Hawassa University i Etiopien, en kandidatexamen i Biodiversity Conservation vid Gottingen University i Tyskland, en master i Hållbar utveckling vid Middlesex University i England och en master i Skogs- och naturvård vid Sverige Lantbruksuniversitet. 

Han är engagerad i flera forskningsprojekt: Eco-Theology and Environmental Ethics (ECOTHEE-2019); Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction & Eco-Justice (SAPREJ-2020); European Academy of Religion (EuARe-2020) Bologna.

”En teolog ber i sanning, och den som ber i sanning är teolog.” – Sankt Efraim


Deputy Senior Lecturer, History of Christianity with Systematic Theology; Rector, Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Seminary



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Very Reverend Dr. Abate Gobena