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Stephanie Poysti

Stephanie Poysti

Stephanie Poysti is School Psychologist, a member of the Student Health Team. Her role is to support students in need of counselling, and also to assess candidates for the pastoral program and help them to discern and prepare for their vocation. Her experience is mainly from adult psychiatry. She is a licensed practitioner, trained in clinical diagnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy, and in neuropsychiatric and personality assessment. She is a member of Saint Anna of Novgorod Orthodox church. In the future she may also be a lecturer in the subject Practical Theology and Religious Behavioral science.


School Psychologist; Health Team Member; Lecturer, Practical Theology and Religious Behavioral science


Detailed Biography

Stephanie Poysti


2012, Psychodynamic Guided Self-Help for Adult Depression through the Internet: A Randomised Controlled Trial, Poysti, Stephanie, Authored together with; Robert Johansson, Sigrid Ekbladh, Amanda Hebert, Malin Lindström, Sara Möller, Eleanor Petitt, Mattias Holmqvist Larsson, Andreas Rousseau, Per Carlbring, Pim Cuijpers, Gerhard Anderson. Available here

The research result has been used in other studies, one example:

2015, Cognitive flexibility does not predict symptom reduction in Internet interventions, Per Carlbring, Philip Lindner. More information here