Next Step

When you have completed your studies with us you are ready to move on either into the workplace or into further study.

Many of our students come to us because they already know what work they want to do and what skills and knowledge they need to find employment in those areas. Some of our students go straight into jobs or even start their own companies.

Others use the education here as a launchpad for further study and training. With the education we provide they are able to apply to vocational training programs which prepare them for jobs in areas such as child-care, nursing or catering. These are usually one or two year courses.

It is also possible for some of our students to prepare for the Swedish university entrance examination which can lead directly to a place at university. We can provide guidance and tutoring for this. Students are responsible for paying the fee for sitting the examination themselves.

We support our students in their study planning and work applications. During your time with us you will have the support of a mentor who will also be able to offer advice about careers and development (known in Swedish as Study and Work Guidance or SYV).