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Helping with the educational needs of Ukrainian children

In collaboration with House of Ukraine, Sankt Ignatios has also applied for funding from the cultural department of Region Stockholm to establish a project which will equip parents to play an active role in supporting their children in their studies. Many Ukrainian children are currently faced with the double burden of navigating the Swedish school system while simultaneously continuing their online teaching based in Ukraine. While they are integrating and adapting to the Swedish school system, most families are keen to return to Ukraine as soon as hostilities have ceased, and many families are not yet ready to abandon their online studies according to the Ukrainian curriculum. Many children study online according to their Ukrainian curriculum in the evenings and on weekends, and require support from both tutors and parents in order to both adapt to Swedish school and also prepare for exams connected to their Ukrainian curriculum. By bringing children, teachers and parents together, this project engages Ukrainian teachers to support children in their studies, while also providing support and consultations for parents who want and need to actively engage in their children’s studies. The project aims to give parents and children the opportunity to make informed decisions concerning their education so that they don’t fall behind according to the Ukrainian curriculum, while also better adapting to the challenges of integrating into the Swedish school system. This project will run until 2023-08-31, which means that it will be possible to both support the pupils in preparing for their Ukrainian national exams in May, as well as preparing them   ahead of the new school year according to the Swedish system, should they decide to stay on in Sweden.