Practical Information

Here is some general information that will help you find your way through our school system


At the beginning of each term you have to register as a student. You can do this by coming to the school on the registration day in the first week and presenting yourself to the staff. If you have problems coming to the registration day make sure you notify us by sending a message to If you don’t inform us, we will think you are not coming and you will lose your place!


The school day begins at 08.30 and finishes at 14.50. It is important that you come on time and stay until the school day finishes.


Your teacher is responsible for your education in his or her class. If you have any problems with your studies you should in the first instance contact the teacher. If you have a problem with your teacher you should contact your mentor for advice. If this is unsatisfactory or the mentor is the same person as your class teacher, you should contact the Director of Studies. 


During your studies you will be given a mentor who is responsible for guiding you through your studies. It is important that you meet with your mentor at least two times every semester. The mentor can give advice about your study program and can direct you to other sources of support and help as needed. 

Study Advisor

During their studies with us students are entitled to receive guidance in planning their future. This can be arranged through your mentor. 


Information about classes, attendance and grades is provided through the web platform Schoolsoft. It is essential that students download the Schoolsoft App and register with Schoolsoft. Help can be provided during registration week by the Teachers at the school


Contact with participants is made primarily through email. It is essential that you keep your contact details up to date. If your email or telephone number have changed since your initial application please make sure you inform the course administrator. (


Sankt Ignatios takes the well-being of our students very seriously and all our students have access to the services of a priest, who serves as chaplain to the college, and a professional psychologist.  In order to access these services the student should contact the director of his or her seminary. 

Special Needs

If you have special needs please let us know as soon as possible before your course starts. It may be possible to offer support and help (for example extra time, audiovisual assistance) if we are aware of your needs in good time. There may also be educational support through NAIS. There is a link to their website here

It is important that you are able to provide official confirmation of your needs to receive help.


It is usually not possible to bring your children into school. If they are sick or free from school you are entitled to stay home with them.

Changes in Circumstances

If your circumstances change in a way that makes it harder to attend or to continue studying with us (e.g. finding employment, moving house, pregnancy) it is important that you let the school know as soon as possible. If you do not come for a period of time while still registered at the school you will be asked to give back the money you may have received from CSN during that time.

If you choose not to continue, you can do so by sending an e-mail with your first name, surname, personal identification number and the name of the course you wish to leave, to (you can not cancel by telling the course teacher).

Personal data Processing

Sankt Ignatios processes students’ personal information in accordance with Swedish Law. You have a right in law to know what information we keep about you. Contact us for further information.