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Fr. Afewerki Tesfa

Fr. Afewerki Tesfa

Father Afewerki Tesfa is the team coordinator of the Tewahedo studies and teaches the Ge’ez language and The Sources of Faith at the Tewahedo seminary and Church Administration and Canon Law and Introduction to the Tewahedo Tradition (both in Tigrigna) as distance learning courses.  

Father Afewerki was born and brought up in Eritrea and moved to Sweden in 2011. He trained in the classical Ge’ez language and in Church Hymns and was ordained a priest in 2013. He has also studied the Sources of Faith (Tewahedo) and is studying theology at University College Stockholm. He also has a diploma in Health and Social Care. 

He has participated in various local and regional conferences  representing the Eritrean Church in Scandinavia. He says “I believe that pastoral training is about the formation of the whole person to be strong in knowledge, mature in character and competent in pastoral ministry skills.”


Team Coordinator; Rector, The Eritrean Tewahedo Orthodox Seminary