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Professor Samuel Rubenson

Professor Samuel Rubenson

Professor Dr. Samuel Rubenson is senior professor of Eastern Christian Studies and Research Leader, in charge of the PhD program.

Professor Rubenson was born in Ethiopia to Swedish parents. He holds a Doctor of Theology degree from Lund University (1990). He has taught at Lund university since 1982 and at Stockholm School of Theology since 2018. He has been a guest professor at the Central European University, Budapest, the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen, the University of Aarhus and the University of Kiel.

His chief research interests are, firstly, early Christianity and in particular the rise of monasticism and its relation to the classical cultural heritage, and secondly, the history of Oriental Christianity, in particular the medieval and modern history of the Coptic and Ethiopian traditions.

Professor Rubenson is also an ordained priest in the Church of Sweden (Lutheran) and an expert advisor to the Archbishop for the Oriental Orthodox Churches.


Senior Professor, Chair of Eastern Christian Studies



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