Daniel Öhrvall

Daniel Öhrvall

Daniel teaches introductory courses in church history, biblical studies, patristics, liturgics and ecclesiology. He is also deputy dean of College with responsibility for the teachers, folkbildning and democracy.

After gymnasium he went to art school for three years at Liljeholmens Folkhögskola and then Hovedskous Art College.  After this he began to study for a Bachelor in Theology degree with some breaks when he engaged in church ministry in the field of art and leadership. He has also worked as a religious educator in the Church of Sweden. In the year 2009 he received his BA and in 2017 he qualified as a religious educator from Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy. He is at present finishing a master’s degree in Eastern Christian Studies at Stockholm School of Theology. His academic interests are within Ecclesiology and Canon Law, working with theories of sociology and political theory. 

Daniel was born and raised in Sweden within a protestant family which has produced two generations of pastors and priests! During his theological studies he encountered Orthodox theology and in 2010 he joined Saint Anna of Novogrods Orthodox parish in Stockholm, which comes within the jurisdiction of the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

He has lived in different parts of Sweden but has spent the last 20 years in Stockholm and Göteborg.  


Teacher; a member of the Faculty Collegium at Department of Eastern Christian Studies at Stockholm School of Theology