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What are the next steps when you have finished your studies with us?

The education you receive at the College will enable you to work in a number of different fields or go on to further study. During your time here you will have access to an advisor who will help you to find the right opportunities when you leave. In the Swedish educational system this advice is known as Study and Work Guidance (or SYV).

Although the education we offer is independent of the Churches, the vocational programs are recognized by the Churches and qualify successful candidates to work as priests, educators, cantors or deacons in the Church. Each Church has its own policy about recruitment and obviously success in finding placement depends on the need at any given time and Sankt Ignatios cannot guarantee ordination in any Church, but your Sankt Ignatios training will be widely recognized as sufficient preparation for vocational service.

Our general and specialized courses enhance your skills and deepen your understanding of the Church and the world, aspects which many employers value. In particular you will learn how to assess different sources, how to communicate clearly, how to think critically and how to relate to others especially to those with whom you have little in common. These are all skills which enhance a company or organization’s life.

Students will be well equipped to work in Church organizations, charities, NGOs, the media and public service bodies.

Because the education you receive with us is of a high academic standard our students are well prepared to go on to further study.