Students are assessed on many levels including motivation and social skills as well as acquired skills and knowledge.

At pre-gymnasium level students receive a certificate confirming that they have finished the required span of studies and which lists the subjects that have been completed to the level required for a pass (equivalent to year 9 in the Swedish school system). Students do not receive grades.

At gymnasium level, each year (after at least 30 weeks of study) students receive a general assessment on a scale of one to five covering all aspects of their studies. When students have met the requirements for the full program (equivalent to three years of study) students will receive a combined certificate which will contain a general assessment for the whole course on a scale of 1 -5 and which will list all the required subjects which have been satisfactorily completed at gymnasium level (equivalent to a pass grade at a Swedish gymnasium). This certificate will also show which required subjects have not been completed to the required level.