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Anmar Mohammed

My name is Anmar Mohammed and I teach sports & health as well as Swedish as a second language. 

I come from Iraq and trained as a teacher in my home country. I started teaching sports and health in Sweden after I got my teacher’s permission in 2016. Since then, I have worked with primary and secondary school students. In 2018, I started working at St. Ignatios Folkhögskola.

Right now I’m working with a student group focusing on the Swedish language. Everyone has the capacity to learn anything, so my goal is to show my students what they are capable of doing. I think the most important thing for my students, is to create a comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. 

My goal is for my students to become independent learners and grow in their confidence in using Swedish.  I combine the theoretical side of language learning in the classroom with frequent study trips to Stockholm’s cultural attractions. In the school we also try to introduce students to the professional and work opportunities that are open to them and guide them in the right path.

I try to divide each sports lesson into two parts. In the first part the students go outdoors and get fresh air and then they come back to the gym where they train to music. This is great for their well being and fitness and also as a way of reducing stress 

In my spare time I like to run and go walking. I also enjoy traveling and discovering other countries and cultures. 


Director of Studies; Teacher, Allmän kurs