This is a program for those who want to learn more about Orthodox Church tradition and at the same time become qualified to begin studies on the Allmän kurs at advanced level or begin vocational education at Komvux. Students study core Allmän kurs subjects at the foundation level (50%) and also take specialised (profile) courses (50%) from the range of courses at Sankt Ignatios College, which offers courses on the four main Orthodox Church traditions: Tewahedo, Coptic, Syrian or Byzantine. The program will also provide students with a good understanding of Swedish society.

Allmän kurs courses (på 50%):

  • Swedish / Swedish as a Second Language (Foundation level)
  • Social Studies (Foundation level)
  • Religion (Foundation level)
  • Mathematics  (Foundation level)
  • English (Foundation level)


Profile courses at Sankt Ignatios College (50%), for example:

  • Church languages: Ge’ez, Classical Syrian, Coptic, Greek or Church Slavonic
  • The Church music of the student’s own Orthodox tradition

Please note that some courses at Sankt Ignatios College require some prior knowledge. You may therefore be recommended to take a different course than your first choice. You can find a complete list of available courses for the academic year 2022/23 at: