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Workshop on Russkiy Mir: History, Background and Contemporary Situation. December 15th, Södertälje.

The concept of the Russian World has been a focal point for academic interest both for Russians seeking to highlight the common identity of Russian culture across the different nations which formally comprised the Soviet Union and for academics and students in the west. The genealogy and teleology of the concept is complex and needs to be approached from a wide perspective, surveying the concept from its earliest traces to its use by the Russian émigré intelligentsia looking to forge a new cultural identity to embrace people from a variety of  nations and cultures

On December 15th Sankt Ignatios is organising a workshop examining the historical background and social setting of Russkiy Mir, as well as its present use in the ongoing war.

The workshop will be held at Sankt Ignatios Nygatan 2, Södertälje

The workshop will take place on December 15th between 13.00-17.00

13.00 – 14.30 Russkiy Mir in History and as a Social Phenomenon

Professor Per Arne Bodin, Dr Milutin Janjic,Dr Michael Hjälm

14.30-15.00: Discussion

15.00-15.30: Coffee Break

15.30-16.30: Russky Mir and an Ideology and Instrument in Putin’s War

Professor Cyril Hovorun; Voices from Ukraine

16.30-17.00: Discussion