Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson

Johan is teaching classical Syriac, Practical liturgics and open seminary on the college. He also does some language teaching. He has taught at Sankt Ignatios since 2012.

Johan Andersson was born in Botkyrka in the southern suburbs of Stockholm.  He was born a Swedish-Lutheran and lived for four years in a Swedish monastery but converted 2007 to the Syrian-Orthodox Church where he now is a sub-deacon. 

He has studied in the St. Aphrem Patriarchal Seminary in Damascus Saydnada 2008-2011 where he received a Diploma from the late Patriarch H.H. Zakka I Iwas of blessed memory. Johan has worked for five years as a youth director and secretary to the Patriarchal Vicarate of Sweden. 

Johan translated the Syrian-Orthodox Prayerbook of Shimo into Swedish 2016 and has also translated some work of the Syrian-Orthodox Church Fathers like St Philoxenus of Mabbugh and Aphratat. Johan was also part of a committee together with Rev. Fr. Aday Marouki, Madlen Marouki and Bashar Yacob that translated the Syrian-Orthodox liturgy into Swedish. 

One of Johan’s goals is to make a doctoral study of the prayer tradition of the Syrian Church.

Johan said “Theology for me is life. Something that gives meaning to life and something that gives life.” That is the pedagogical vision for all his teaching. 

Johan is also a passionate supporter of Manchester United FC. 

Role: Director of Allmän kurs, Folkbildning and Democracy