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Folkbildning in Ukraine


Sankt Ignatios has been actively involved in following and analyzing the ecclesiastic and social developments in Ukraine since the Maidan uprising of 2013. Since 2017 Sankt Ignatios has been exploring the potential role of Folkbildning (Scandinavian Liberal Adult Education model) in relation to the Orthodox churches in Ukraine as a vehicle for promoting the development of democratic civil institutions. Preliminary consultations to prepare the way for the establishment of affiliated educational institutions in Ukraine were underway before the Russian invasion of February 24th 2022. Sankt Ignatios remains committed to realizing this ambition, and is laying the ground work for its participation in the rebuilding of civil society in Ukraine. Sankt Ignatios is currently establishing a network of Ukrainian educators with a view to promote Folkbildning as a pedagogical vision and resource for Ukrainian educators currently residing in Sweden. In its first phase, the project is currently providing English and Swedish language training to Ukrainian educators (as well as other Ukrainians currently displaced by the war). In the next phase, Sankt Ignatios will provide training in Folkbildning locally, with the intention of training potential partners who hope to return to Ukraine. Sankt Ignatios intends to establish an affiliated Folkhögskola in Ukraine, beginning by finding local partners currently on the ground.