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The 2020 Order of Sankt Ignatios

The 2020 Order of Sankt Ignatios will be awarded to Professor Aristotle Papanikolaou and Professor George Demacopoulos in recognition of their role in the establishment of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University. The Orthodox Christian Studies Center has made a major contribution to making Eastern Christian Studies more widely recognized in the West, and has also promoted ways of thinking that transcend the divide between East and West. By focusing on issues that have been neglected by large parts of society, such as the role of women, questions on human sexuality, and the rights of minority groups, Professors Papanikolaou and Demacopoulos have established an institution devoted to reconciliation, dialogue and mutual understanding. Further, by taking a critical view of the construction of history, the center has been pioneering in seeking to understand the construction of the ideas of East and West, which has opened up new paths in historical research. Through the work of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center Professor Papanikolaou and Professor Demacopoulos have been able to demonstrate that Orthodox world views and Orthodox practices can make a positive contribution to western society, while at the same time showing that western ideas can contribute to the development and improvement of Orthodoxy.

Place and date of the 2020 Order of Sankt Ignatios award ceremony will be announced later.

Please find more information about the Order of Sankt Ignatios here.