Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Orthodox Tewahedo Seminary

At the Tewahedo seminary in Tysslinge young men from Eritrea and Ethiopia learn about their tradition surrounded by the beauty of the Swedish countryside!


The Tewahedo seminary started in 2016 as one of the seminary schools at Sankt Ignatios. Since the beginning, by the blessing of His grace Bishop Abakir and under the leadership of father Afewerki Tesfa, the seminary has shown remarkable development. As the seminary attracted the interest of many young Christians, we started the Mahlietay (Cantors) program. In time the seminary became the solution for the challenging question “where and how can priests and deacons learn to fulfill the shortage of sacred positions in the Tewahedo Church that has been created by our migration?” Now the Seminary has hundreds of students.

Seminary Life

The Tewahedo seminary which serves all the students from the Tewahedo Church is located in a large house outside of Södertälje, near Stockholm. It is a great pleasure to hear students singing St. Yared’s hymns and reading Ge’ez texts in this beautiful place where the students are surrounded by fields and forests. At the seminary all our vocational students (those who are training to be priests, deacons and cantors) and those who are studying on the BTh., MTh and ThD programs have their bedrooms. The house also contains a prayer room, a kitchen and dining room and a teaching hall. Students deepen their devotion to God and their care for one another through sharing in the common life of the seminary (cooking, cleaning and other household tasks) and through participation in the daily liturgy and prayers.


The address of the seminary is:
Tysslinge 11
152 97 Södertälje