Teshale Biazen

Teshale Biazen

Teshale Biazen works in the administration team at Sankt Ignatios and also as an administrator of the Tewahedo programs. In addition to his service to the church, Teshale Biazen is a self-driven entrepreneur and educator. He graduated with a BA degree from Debube University, Ethiopia and then he came to Sweden to pursue further studies.  He graduated with an MSc degree from Blekinge Institute of Technology and an M.A. degree from Mid-Sweden University. He also studied the one-year introduction program of Sankt Ignatios. 

When he thinks about Sankt Ignatios, he always imagines that Sankt Ignatios will be the future center of Orthodox excellence and that one day, through this platform, the Orthodox world can come together and solve their differences and disagreements through good communications and humble understanding among the leaders of the churches.