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Sankt Ignatios bysantinsk-ortodoxa seminarium

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Byzantine Orthodox Seminary The Byzantine seminary serves students from several Orthodox traditions. It is a place where art, music and theology work together to glorify God The Byzantine seminary offers students a thorough and critical understanding

Sankt Ignatios koptisk-ortodoxa seminarium

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Coptic Orthodox Seminary It may seem a long way from the ancient monasteries and churches of Egypt to a busy Swedish town like Södertälje, but the seminarians share the same emphasis on prayer, contemplation and service

Sankt Ignatios syrisk-ortodoxa seminarium

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Syriac Orthodox Seminary The Syriac Church is strong in Sweden but its continuing strength depends on the men and women who will lead it into the future. The Syriac seminary is the place where these leaders

Sankt Ignatios tewahedo-ortodoxa seminarium

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Orthodox Tewahedo Seminary At the Tewahedo seminary in Tysslinge young men from Eritrea and Ethiopia learn about their tradition surrounded by the beauty of the Swedish countryside! Introduction The Tewahedo seminary started in 2016 as one