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Projekt inom Byzantinsk ortodox tradition

Byzantine Orthodox Projects The Byzantine seminary projects offer students a thorough and critical understanding of different Orthodox traditions – Greek and Slavic – based on rigorous academic study and training in pastoral methodology including how to communicate the gospel (preaching and

Projekt inom Koptisk ortodox tradition

Coptic Orthodox Seminary From 2015 until 2022, Sankt Ignatios hosted a Coptic Orthodox Seminary. The Seminary is currently not active, pending potential reorganization. The Coptic Orthodox students who are currently studying the Pastoral Pedagogical of Religious Educator programs are incorporated

Syrisk ortodoxa seminariet

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Syrian Orthodox Seminary The Syrian Orthodox Church is strong in Sweden but its continuing strength depends on the men and women who will lead it into the future. The Syrian Orthodox seminary is the place where

Eritreanska tewahedo-ortodoxa seminariet

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Eritrean-Tewahedo Orthodox Seminary The life of the seminary is akin to that of a monastery where students follow a daily pattern of study, work and prayer. In terms of study, students learn the practical skills and

Etiopiska tewahedo-ortodoxa seminariet

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios Ethiopian-Tewahedo Orthodox Seminary Like a monastery, members of the seminary share together in a life of study, work and prayer, through which  they are prepared to serve the Church as ministers, deacons, administrators and cantors. In