Swedish version coming soon

Najib Awad’s faculty lecture “Islam and/versus Europe’, ‘Islam in Europe’ and ‘European Islam’: On Tracing Relationship Models in Today’s Scholarship” is now available on our YouTube channel.

Over the past 15 years, Professor Awad has been studying the ways in which Islam relates to Western/European culture and has reflected deeply on how scholarship has framed this relationship. From a close study of particular examples he has concluded that scholars have taken three different hermeneutical approaches to understanding the complexities of this issue: the concept of ‘Islam and/versus Europe’, the concept of ‘Islam in Europe’ and finally the idea of ‘Islamic Europe’ or ‘European Islam’. In his lecture Professor Awad  attempts to unravel the notional, relational, hermeneutical and analytical connotations and implications of these approaches and suggests some ways in which our hermeneutical approaches to this issue should be framed.

You can find the lecture här