Fr. Younan Shenouda

Fr. Younan Shenouda

Fr. Shenouda Younan teaches Coptic language level A and B, Coptic music, Arba Oyon (introduction to the sources of the faith) and shares in the teaching of practical liturgy and the history of Coptic theology.

He was born in Egypt in 1971 and after gaining a degree in chemistry from Alexandria University he worked for a number of years as a technical manager in different textile manufacturing companies. 

After studying theology at the Alexandria School of Theology he was ordained as a priest at St Mark’s cathedral in Alexandria 2008. In the same year he moved to Canada and later to Sweden to work with the churches in the south of the country. In 2015 he was appointed a Hegumin with oversight over the churches in southern Sweden and in 1917 he joined the Sankt Ignatios team.