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Sunday School: Leadership and Pedagogics (Coptic Orthodox Seminary)

This course introduces participants to the theoretical and practical aspects of Sunday School teaching and leadership. Participants will be encouraged to develop a pedagogical vision based on Christian insights about the human being (anthropology), the world, society, theories of knowledge and sacramental theology. The course aims to help participants develop the following areas of competence: skills for creating a communicative environment in Sunday School classes; a thorough understanding of the role of Sunday School in the Church and of the dialectical relationship between Church and society; understanding learning obstacles for younger Sunday School participants; how to inspire rather than to simply instruct. Participants will be able to put the skills they learn into practice in a real Sunday School situation.


  • Define and describe the role of religious education in the history of the church
  • Critically reflect on the role of the Sunday school in the life of the church today 
  • Explain and discuss what pedagogy is and how it relates to Sunday school
  • Plan and teach a lesson in the Sunday school 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the theology of the orthodox churches. 
  • Relate and integrate the church’s tradition in the new society in the diaspora. 
  • Enumerate documents pertaining to the Swedish educational system
  • Reflect on one’s own experience as a learner and an educator, and develop a personal vision for education
  • Identify leadership skills and tools and integrate them into one’s role as educator 

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Quick Facts

Length: 1 year

Study Pace: Part time (50%)

Teaching Hours: Evenings and / or weekends
Type of Instruction: On-campus
Language of Instruction: Arabic, English and Swedish
Location: Campus Södertälje

Level: Preparatory / Seminary

Organizer: Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola

In addition to the requirements stated in the course description, all students need to be at least 18 year old, be officially registered in Sweden and have a sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction.

Fees: Tuition at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola is free for everyone who is registered (“folkbokförda”) in Sweden.

Service Fees: Students are required to pay a service fee. The service fee for this course is SEK 400 per semester.