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Public lecture series in Ecclesiology: “Ecumenical Global Diplomacy” by Dr Sofia Camnerin

On June 3 at 1pm (CET), as part of Sankt Ignatios’ public lecture series, Dr Sofia Camnerin will give a lecture entitled Ecumenical Global Diplomacy, on the subject of worldwide ecumenism. In the lecture Dr. Camnerin will address the question of why ecumenism is needed and suggest some of the challenges it faces and the commitment required to make it happen. She will look primarily at the role of the World Council of Churches, but she will also look at the CEC and the Charter Oecumenica.

These lectures are compulsory for Pastoral-pedagogical, Religious Educator program students, MA students in Eastern Christian Studies and MA students in International Relations and Ecumenism, but we encourage all of our students to take part. Students will be able to find the link to the lecture on Canvas.

These are public lectures and open to anyone who wishes to take part. If you would like to watch the lecture online, please fill in the form below and send it back to us with your email address. We will send a Zoom link to you 30 minutes before the lecture begins.

Here is the link to the form.

We’ll do our best to make the lectures available to the public online. We intend to film the lectures, so the lectures will be available later on the Sankt Ignatios College YouTube channel.