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Dr Michael Hjälm | The Ministry of the Bishop: the Prime Ecclesial Challenge of Ecclesiological Studies | public online lecture

The next lecture in our public lecture series will be delivered on Thursday October 29th, at 1pm, by Dr Michael Hjälm. The subject of his lecture will be “The Ministry of the Bishop: the Prime Ecclesial Challenge of Ecclesiological Studies”. In this lecture, Dr Hjälm will outline a vision for the role of bishops in the Orthodox Church which takes account of the fact that today the Church exists in a pluralistic society rather than the original feudal setting of the Church where bishops served very much as agents of Empire. Their role today, he will argue, is to encourage participation of the members in the life of the Church.

These lectures are compulsory for Pastoral-pedagogical and Religious Educator program students and optional for all other students. Students participating in the lecture online will be able to find the link to the lecture in their Canvas email on October 29, 30 minutes before the lecture begins. 

We’ll do our best to make the lectures available to the public online. We intend to film the lectures, so the lectures will be available later on our YouTube channel. If you would like to watch the lecture on October 29 live online, please fill in the form below and send it back to us with your email address. We will send a Zoom link to you 30 minutes before the lecture begins.

Here is the link to the form. 

We hope through this lecture series to widen the public appreciation and understanding of Eastern Christian studies and to show something of the variety and dynamism of the teaching and research conducted here. In particular we hope that these talks will inspire interest in those who have perhaps been thinking about studying the Christian tradition, particularly from an Orthodox perspective. We look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the full program of the Eastern Christian Studies Lecture Series:

October 1, 1PM-2:30PM, International Relations and Ecumenism, Professor Cyril Hovorun

October 15, 1PM-2:30PM, Religion, Art, and Democracy: Back to Theology. Back to the Public Sphere, Professor Davor Džalto

October 19, 1:30PM-2:30PM, Eastern Christian Studies: Philosophers, monks and artists: some characteristics of Eastern Christian Studies, Professor Samuel Rubenson

October 29, 1PM-2:30PM, Ecclesiological Studies – The Ministry of the Bishop: the Prime Ecclesial Challenge of Ecclesiological Studies, Dr Michael Hjälm

November 5, 1PM-2:30PM, Patristic Studies, Dr Youhanna N Youssef

November 19, 1PM-2:30PM, Liturgical Studies, Dr Grant White

December 3, 1PM-2:30PM, Biblical Studies, Dr Miriam L Hjälm