Pre-Gymnasium Level Program

The entry-level program assumes no previous educational
background and aims to enable students to progress to the
Gymnasium Level Program. Students will study Swedish as a
second language (SAS) and mathematics but will also study
English, which is increasingly important today in the
workplace and online. Since the courses are taught in
Swedish, students should have completed SFI level D before
beginning their studies. The program usually takes two years.
Applicants will be called to a placement test and interview to
assess their language level in relation to the demands of the

Applications forms available in :

Quick Facts

Length: 1-2 years
Study Pace: Full-time (100%)
Teaching Hours: Daytime
Type of Instruction: On-campus
Language of Instruction: Swedish
Location: Campus Södertälje
Level: Pre-gymnasium level (SeQf Level 2)
Organizer: Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola

There are no formal requirements for entry to the Pre-Gymnasium Program but each student will be assessed to determine their educational level. Because the courses in the program are taught in Swedish, applicants whose first language is not Swedish should have completed SFI level D. Moreover, all students need to be at least 18 year old and officially registered in Sweden