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New Courses and Programs at Sankt Ignatios

It has never been easier to study at Sankt Ignatios! This year Sankt Ignatios is introducing new online courses which allow students to study from wherever they live and fit their studies to work or family life.

Our four-years, part-time bachelor’s program provides a degree-level introduction to Eastern Christian studies which can be studied by distance learning, online. The course is modular, which allows students to study the program at their own pace. It provides a thorough grounding in the Eastern Christian tradition and provides the necessary basis to go on to further studies at an advanced level.

For anyone who has been considering studying theology but is unsure if they want to commit to a full four-year program, we are offering a one year ‘taster’ course in which students participate in the first year of the four-year pastoral training program. As a self standing program the Introduction to Orthodox Theology course provides a valuable introduction to theology, Church history and biblical studies, taught from an Orthodox perspective but, in addition, students who are inspired to study further are welcome to continue as full members of the pastoral program. 

This year we are also offering two new master’s programs. The one-year master’s programs in Democracy, Politics and Religion, and in International Relations and Ecumenism offer participants the ability to reflect on the essential issues in these vitally important areas and to develop their reasoning and academic writing skills in a manageable period of time. These 60 ECTS-credit programs are primarily intended for those who wish to study for their own interest or take up professional posts in the relevant areas. Those who wish to go on to further studies or research are welcome continue to study for a second year and develop their knowledge and research skills in more depth.

The Life and Faith of the Orthodox Traditions program offers participants a thorough introduction to the theology, history, liturgy and mission of the Orthodox tradition. The program consists of four modules (Introduction to Orthodox Faith; Dogma and History; Asceticism and Monasticism; Orthodoxy and Contemporary Life) and students can choose to study for two years (one module per semester) or for one (studying two modules per semester).  The course is taught wholly online and because it is modular participants can take breaks between modules. This program is an accessible and felxible way to discover the riches of the Orthodox tradition.

We are also offering two self-standing courses. The one-year Icons: Art and Theology course provides a grounding in the history and meaning of art within the Christian traditions, both Eastern and Western, and focuses especially on the production and use of Icons which, increasingly today in many church contexts, are being seen as important ways to mediate religious devotion.

In the one-semester Demons and Angels course, students are introduced to the origin, historical development and significance of demons, devil(s), Satan, and angels. Students will learn about the different sources that influenced the development of these characters and their visual representation, primarily in the Judeo-Christian tradition. At a time when popular fascination with such figures has never been greater this course provides an important balance to the widespread popular misconceptions about the biblical references to demons and angels (inspired, at least partly, by the novels of Dan Brown and by the growing number of TV and film representations of demonic and angelic beings) and locates such figures within their proper theological and social context.