Naem Kouj

My name is Naem Kouj and I teach Swedish and Mathematics. I am a native Arabic speaker and I have a qualification in teaching Arabic as a mother tongue. I have found this very useful working here with some of our students whose native language is Arabic and who are do not yet find it easy to converse in Swedish.

Previously I have taught Arabic as mother tongue and Swedish, mathematics, natural sciences and Swedish history and culture for new arrivals to Sweden in state schools.

In addition to my teaching qualifications, also have a degree in agronomy from my home country of Syria.

I see education and learning as an endless journey in which a person continues to learn throughout their life. Education is a way of enlightening people and thus creating opportunities for them in society and in their everyday lives.

My way of teaching Swedish to Arabic-speakers is to explain in the student’s own language how the structure of the Swedish language works and then the correct grammar, the difference between Swedish and Arabic and common difficulties encountered by Arabic-speaking students when studying Swedish. Over time, I try to strive to increase the use of the Swedish language and to reduce the use of the Arabic language. I use a range of different methods and teaching aids.

I try to balance a fun and education in my lessons lesson because in this way I can increase the students’ interest and create a good atmosphere. The students then find it easier to concentrate and they become more receptive and more interested

In my spare time I usually read books, swim regularly and work out, meet friends and keep myself busy.