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Introduction to Eastern Orthodox Theology

This 30-credit course consists of four parts: 

Theology and history 

Liturgy and Icons 

Perspectives of life: Canon Law, Marriage and Ascetism

The Eastern Orthodox Church in History and Present

The course aims to introduce students to the life, faith and practice of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The course will explore theological topics such as salvation, tradition, and the concept of man, and students will also be introduced to the liturgy, the liturgical year, icons, and saints.  There will be opportunities to ponder subjects such as how asceticism can lead to inner peace, in what way marriage can be a way of becoming human and how canon law has operated within history. The course will make a study of specific Churches in contemporary society and the challenges they face. From this broad perspective the student will gain a good foundation and overview of this fascinating Christian tradition.  

The course, taught as a part-time distance course, is perfect if you want to deepen your knowledge of the Eastern Orthodox tradition in one academic year.

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Stockholm School of Teology

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Quick Facts

Length: 1 year, 30 ECTS credits

Study Pace: Part-time (50%)

Type of Instruction: Distance learning
Language of Instruction: English

Level: University

Organizer: Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm)

The applicant must have completed their upper secondary (high school) education. For more information please visit:
Applicants must also be able to demonstrate a good proficiency in English. The entry requirement for studies at the bachelor’s level in Sweden is equivalent to the English 6 course at Swedish upper secondary school. For more information, please visit:

Tuition fee: Students at Stockholm School of Theology are not required to pay tuition fees if they are citizens of Sweden, of another EU country or if they have been granted permission to live in Sweden. The information about tuition fee for other international students is available on https://ehs.se/tuition-fees