Dr. Gabriel Bar-Sawme

Gabriel Bar-Sawme

On leave of absence until February 2024

Gabriel Bar-Sawme joined the teaching staff at Sankt Ignatios in 2013. He is the director of the office team and a teacher.

Gabriel holds a BS in social work from Örebro University, a BA in theology from the  Newman Institute, an MA in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PDH in ecclesiology from Uppsala University. His research interests include liturgical studies, ritual studies, cultural studies, migration and critical theory. Gabriel has written a number of book chapters and articles for cultural magazines. 

Gabriel is also deputy dean for Sankt Ignatios Foundation where his role is to make sure that the purposes of the foundation are fulfilled through all the activities of Sankt Ignatios. He sees this role as the way the Foundation facilitates a process by which Orthodox Churches from the Middle East and Eastern Europe critically reflect on their own history and place in society and in this process engages in theological and political discourse in different ways. This is achieved through academic research and teaching but also through the education of a new generation of leaders which is engaged in Church and society.


Deputy Dean; Teacher; Gender Equality Manager; a member of the Faculty Collegium at Department of Eastern Christian Studies at Stockholm School of Theology