fr. Misha Jaksic

Fr. Misha Jaksic

Fr. Misha Jaksic is the Director of external relations of the Sankt Ignatios Foundation. He was educated as a folkhögskola teacher – with an additional diaconal education at the Lutheran-Evangelical diaconal institute of Ersta, Stockholm – and he has been an Orthodox priest since 1997, primarily living and developing the Orthodox Christian faith and life in the Swedish language and in a Swedish and Western context. He has a strong commitment to Pan-Orthodoxy, Christian unity, interreligious dialogue and collaboration. He also has an interest in issues relating to human rights. 

Fr. Misha has a long experience of ecumenical work and engagement, having been working as the Orthodox ecumenical coordinator of the Christian Council of Sweden since 2002. He is a board member of the Jewish-Christian Council of Sweden and also of the Interreligious Council of Sweden.

Being a member of the Health Team of Sankt Ignatios – with a pastoral, soul caring responsibility – Fr. Misha’s focus is personal formation and development, which he views as a liturgical-evolutionary progress between the person’s image and the likeness of God, while, more practically, as a developing process between personal and human rights and responsibilities.


Director of external relations; Health Team Member