Fr. Joseph Gobran

Fr. Joseph Gobran

Fr. Gobran is the rector of the Coptic seminary and he teaches several courses in the College, Sankt Ignatios Coptic Orthodox Seminary, including Practical Liturgics and Introduction to Eastern Christian Theology.

Fr Gobran was awarded a bachelor’s degree in pedagogics and English philology in 1999 from Mansoura university, Egypt. He has also followed a path of theological training and study, studying both classical Greek and classical Syriac languages and working in theological research in St, Demiana nunnery in Egypt from 1999 till 2004.

In 2005 he moved to Europe and worked in various companies before being ordained to the priesthood by the hand of HH. Pope Tawadros II, on 21 June 2014. He joined the Sankt Ignatios team in 2015. He has participated in several local and international conferences representing the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Fr. Gobran is interested in reforming the educational process in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

My Vision, “Illumination proceeds transformation, thus we work the work of light to remove the darkness”

My Motto, “ I was blind, now I see” John (9:25).


Rector of the Coptic Orthodox Seminary; Teacher