Foundation course

The goal of the course: is to increase participant’s proficiency in the Swedish language, so that they can integrate more readily into Swedish society, and to help participants understand how Swedish society works.

Contents: The focus of the course is Swedish as a second language and social studies but the participants also learn about working in Sweden and will receive study and employment guidance and make workplace visits.

Other information: The course is offered in collaboration with the Department of Employment (Arbetsförmedlingen). If you are interested in applying you must be registered as a job seeker there and make your application through your contact person.

Course start date 2021: There is no start date. Admissions are welcome throughout the year.


Quick Facts

Length: 6 months
Study Pace:

Full-time 100%

Language of Instruction: Swedish; participants can receive language support from Amharic speaking teachers.
Location: Förrådsvägen 10, Huddinge

Ground level

Organizer: Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola