Dr. Barbara Crostini

Dr Barbara Crostini is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Eastern Christian Studies. During autumn term 2020 she will be teaching the following courses: Early Church; Theology of Icons; Historical Theology with Church History.

Barbara has a doctorate from Oxford University in Byzantine Studies. She came to Sweden from Italy as a fellow in the Ars edendi Project at Stockholm University in 2010, where she worked on an 11th century illuminated Greek Psalter with catena commentary. She has taught courses in Early Christian Literature (in Greek) and Church History at Uppsala University (where she is ‘docent’), the Newman Institute, Umeå University and Seton Hall, NJ. She was recently a fellow at SCAS and at St Louis University, MO, where she conducted research on her book about representations of the crucifixion. She has published many articles and contributed to a number of edited books.  Her research interests include image and text in Greek manuscripts, iconoclasm and theories of visuality, East-West relations, as well as biblical and patristic topics. She has a special interest in the interdisciplinary study of Psalms as a link between Jewish and Christian exegesis.


Senior lecturer at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockolm)