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Doctoral (ThD) Program in Eastern Christian Studies

Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm) is able to offer doctoral level training and supervision, equipping doctoral candidates for research within the field of Eastern Christian studies. The program is equivalent to 240 ECTS credits and can be studied full-time or part-time. The program can focus on one of three areas of study: Eastern Christianity in History and the Present; International Relations and Ecumenism; and Religion, Art and Democracy.

Eastern Christianity in History and the Present takes a historical and critical view of Eastern Christianity from various perspectives: biblical, patristic, liturgical, and ecclesiological.

International Relations and Ecumenism focuses on ecclesial diplomacy, inter-Church relations, Church organization, external relations and how the Church understands itself in the public square.

Religion, Art and Democracy takes a deeper look at various Christian political theologies, secular ideologies, and modern/contemporary philosophies. Students who decide to pursue this path will have a chance to study how Eastern Christianity has contributed to these discourses, and how these discourses have affected the doctrinal and practical life of Eastern Christianity. The field also enables the exploration of art, in its aesthetic, theological and ideological dimensions, in the context of Eastern Christianity.

Doctoral candidates within the field of Eastern Christian studies will be part of larger networks both within the Nordic countries and internationally, which allows for the possibility of short exchanges at other institutions.

Applicants are required to have a degree at a higher level (e.g. master’s or equivalent) with a focus on Eastern Christian studies, plus a well thought-out research plan.

In addition to doctoral students with scholarship funding, Stockholm School of Theology can also accept suitably qualified applicants with a strong academic background who can show that they can finance their doctoral education themselves, or who have the financial support of a sponsor (such as an employer).

For information about application dates, contact the Academic Dean, Anne-Christine Lindvall (anne-christine.lindvall@ehs.se).

You can find out more information about the program here.

Quick Facts

Length: 4 years (full-time) or 8 years (part-time), 240 ECTS credits
Teaching Hours: Daytime
Language of Instruction: English
Location: Campus Bromma


Organizer: Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm)

Requirements for the Th.D. are revised annually and will be published on our website when new places become available.