COVID-19 updates

At the moment the Corona virus is causing a great deal of uncertainty and worry for many people in Sweden and indeed throughout the world. We are reviewing the situation on a daily basis and will make decisions on the basis of the facts and the recommendations from the authorities. 

Sankt Ignatios will offer Covid19-adapted campus teaching in the academic year 20/21, unless the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations are changed. This means:

1. The Office will be closed for all staff except for members of the administration and communication teams and professors. 

2. Wherever possible meetings should be held online.

3. Teaching will continue as usual but with extra attention given to the recommendations on social distancing and hygiene. These may change in the coming days.

4. If you have cold or flu symptoms, stay home and get tested for Covid19. If you have Covid19, notify your manager immediately. You have to stay home for at least 7 days from the onset of the first symptoms, including at least two fever-free days. 

5. If you live with somebody who has Covid19, follow the instructions from the health care service. Normally you should stay home for 7 days to see if you develop any symptoms, and on the fifth day you should take a Corona test. 

6. Wash your hands often, with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer.

7. Cough in the bend of your arm. Avoid touching your face.

8. Keep a safe distance from others (1,5 – 2m). Don’t stand in the corridors if that means you cannot keep a safe distance.

9. No work-related travel outside of Sweden is permitted. 

10. Participants who belong to a high risk group have the right to participate in lessons remotely. 

See the following link for more detailed and updated information.