COVID-19 updates

The government has made a decision to move forward with phasing out the corona recommendations. There are a total of five different steps and the decision has been made to move forward to the fourth step. Step five means rescinding all recommendations.  
Instrumental for moving forward towards phasing out all recommendations is that as many as possible take the vaccine. Therefore, from the perspective of Sankt Ignatios foundation we recommend all who are eligible to take the vaccine.
Step four goes into effect on September 29th. For us it means:
1. Recommendation to work from home is taken away. From October 1st, all regular meetings such as staff meetings will go back to physical meetings. Meetings between the units and seminaries can take place physically.
2. Campus teaching will go back for all campus courses on October 1st, per the last decision. This goes for both folkhögskolekurser and university courses.
3. You are still recommended to work from home if you have symptoms and if you can. 
For more info about the different steps please consult the following website.