Charbel Rizik

Charbel Rizk teaches the course: Introduction to the Liturgical Year of the Syriac Orthodox Church.
Charbel is a monk in the Syriac Orthodox Church and belongs to the Monastery of the Cross in Nyköping. Besides studying theology, philosophy and Syriac linguistics and philology in Sweden, Charbel also studied Syriac, liturgy and patristics at the Saint Ephrem Theological Seminary in Saidnaya, Damascus where he also taught between 2018 and 2019. He is now a PhD candidate in comparative theology at the University of Paderborn, Germany, working on Prophetology and Christology in the Quran in light of Late Antiquity texts and traditions.

His current interests are in patristics, Syriac studies and Quranic studies. Charbel has published articles in the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchal Journal and contributed to translations of Jacob of Serugh published by SOKU & SOUF as well as by Artos. Charbel has also translated a homily of Narsai, (forthcoming) as part of a scholarly international project on Narsai that is preparing a translation of the entire homiletic corpus. Charbel is currently co-editing an anthology based on papers delivered at a conference on Syriac Theology in Dialogue with Islam and Judaism held at the University of Paderborn in March 2019.

Charbel’s vision of education is that education is a crucial part of personal formation, including a person’s spiritual life, which is an important step towards becoming that which man is called to be: The Image of God.


Teacher; a member of the Faculty Collegium at Department of Eastern Christian Studies at Stockholm School of Theology